The CobiNet TopLink system is a comprehensive solution that meets all current requirements of the 5e, 6 and 6A categories, perfectly integrating the teleinformation and telecommunications part into a unified cabling system. The quality of CobiNet solutions is confirmed by certificates of independent testing laboratories. The system includes fiber optic and copper solutions both in shielded and unshielded versions. CobiNet panels and sockets are available in modular as well as integrated version for quick and easy assembly. The basis of the modular CobiNet technology is the patented, tool-free RJ45 TopKey module. The unique element of the system is also the TopConnect cable connector allowing modification of the cable infrastructure, eg extension of the track, with the guarantee of meeting the requirements of the standards (maintaining the category and connection class). The mounting adapters offered for the RJ45 modules and LSA connectors for DIN rail (35mm) offered as part of the CobiNet TopLink system are an innovative solution for small home networks as well as for the integration of cabling with automation and control systems. CobiNet connection sockets have been designed so that they can be easily and cheaply integrated with popular electrical installation equipment systems, ensuring a perfect aesthetic effect with limited financial outlay. The system of pre-terminated fiber optics offered by CobiNet allows quick implementation of reliable optical connections even by people with little experience in fiber optic technology. CobiNet TopLink is an economically effective solution ensuring German quality and reliability of connections.