Welding of optical fibers

We provide services of combining optical fibers in welding technology. This is the most perfect method that guarantees the smallest losses on the connections made – preferred in telecommunications and ICT applications. We have equipment of high class, modern equipment for connecting fiber optic fibers – Fujikura fiber optic welders: Fujikura FSM 70s – one of the new Fujikura models – enables high-quality fiber combinations of singlemode and multimode. Fujikura FSM 60s – a proven classic model – enables high-quality fiber connections of single-mode and multimode fibers. Fujikura FSM 70s and FSM 60s are fiber optic welders whose design is not susceptible to dust, rain, shocks and falls. Thanks to the small size (136x161x143mm) and the possibility of powering the batteries, they enable fiber optic connections in the so-called “Terrain” – places with small space or where there is no power supply network, e.g. directly in cable wells or on pillars. These features make it the smallest welding machine in the world with an active fiber centering system, while ensuring high quality of the connections made. Making welds of the highest quality provides 100 editable and 60 factory-specific welding programs for specific types of fibers.