Technical floors

Technical floors (raised)
Floors raised

It is a modern solution that is ideally suited for use wherever there is a need to cabling various types of rooms, such as work stations. They are suitable for all usable surfaces, where direct access to the floor space in the entire area is necessary. They are perfect for interiors such as “open space” spaces, offices, training and conference rooms. To cover this type of flooring you can apply a variety of different finishes – from panels, marble and gres, to carpet coverings. This is a great asset where we care about the aesthetics of the workplace. The raised floors are brilliant in their simplicity, they are mounted at a height of about 10 – 20 cm (sometimes even 1 m), which allows you to drag all types of cabling to the bottom wherever it is needed. In rooms such as server rooms, electrical switchboards, telephone exchanges and all kinds of technical rooms, there is usually a need to install more cabling than in average office interiors. Therefore, the level at which this floor can be installed is not constant. It adapts according to the needs of a given place. In such a free space, you can place not only wires. It is also a great place for fire extinguishing systems, utilities and air-conditioning installations. One of the advantages of this type of flooring is the simple possibility of disassembly, which gives access to the wiring hidden every day without much effort.   The Italian TOPFLOOR company is a leading producer of floors. The factories located near Rome in the production process use the most modern equipment for the production of this type of floor. The Italian company also has its own laboratory, where every day under the guidance of professionals, the floors are checked by a quality control system for the production and trading of raised floor systems ISO 9001: 2000.

The company IS NETWORKS deals with the comprehensive assembly of raised floors. Our employees also provide advisory assistance, which solution will be best for specific rooms. When constructing floors, we use: cable glands, ventilation grilles, suction conveyors, inclines and stairs, which we adjust to the height and size of the entire installation.