Thank you for your interest in our offer. From the beginning of our existence, we have been dealing in the sale of accessories for the construction of computer networks and the design and implementation of complete structural cabling systems. Our offer includes, among others: Distribution cabinets 19 “hanging cabinets, standing cabinets and accessories for 19” cabinets (ventilation panels, shelves, cable organizers, etc. …). Copper cables cat.5, 5E, 6, unshielded UTP cables and shielded FTP and SSTP. Single- and multi-mode fiber optic cables, internal, external and universal, as well as accessories for optical fiber networks. Enhanced cabinets for blocked computer networks and cable TV. Modular 12, 16, 24 and 32 port patch panels. Telephone accessories LSA connectors, distribution boxes. Cable ties and PVC and PE cable holders. Tools for crimp installers, knives, testers, service kits. UTP sockets, FTP, plugs, connectors.

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