General information

As a market leader, EVER offers a range of UPS units, from universal VFD devices (offline) to sophisticated VFI units (online), rated from 1 to 360 kVA, and state-of-art VI-topology solutions (line-interactive). The product line includes surge protectors filtering strips, as well as advanced tandem UPS units designed in cooperation with Fogo, another Polish manufacturer.

Our company provides technical support and advisory services in the field of uninterruptible power supply solutions as well as warranty and non-warranty door-to-door or on-site service. The professional team of service technicians is responsible for the efficient delivery and installation of UPS units at clients’ locations. Additionally, EVER offers individual service packages tailored to the particular needs of clients.

High competence and many years of experience our R&D engineers have allow us to implement customized, specialist projects for our partners. In most cases, such projects consist in producing low volumes of modified variants of standard devices or designing solutions for specific requirements.

Products and solutions provided by EVER are intended for the protection of crucial receivers. They guarantee uninterruptible power supply to servers, network infrastructures and working stations. In large companies, EVER’s devices safeguard production lines and office electronics. In hospitals and public buildings, they are employed to secure sensitive technical and IT infrastructures. And in homes, they protect consumer electronics and household appliances as well as automatics and gas-fueled hot water boilers.